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Updated: Mar 29

Hi there and welcome to Perfect Chaos - the blog! My name is Lucia and I've always been a bit obsessive about organisation and neatness. People sometimes joke that I have OCD but it's not a serious problem it's just my personality.

I love to have things tidy and in their place. I have a particular way of stacking the dishwasher and folding the clothes. When hanging clothes on the line I match the colour of the peg to the colour of the clothing. I eat the brown m&ms first because I love the bright colours and think the brown ones are ugly. I love colour coordination and I find it aesthetically pleasing when things are symmetrical and matching. I often match my shoes to my bag!

I'm a huge fan of lists and writing plans. Sometimes my plans are years in advance (frustrating for my husband). Lists and plans help me to keep organised and on top of a pretty busy life.

I once thought everyone was as organised as me but I've come to realise both at home and the workplace that some of my skills can be shared and might help others.

Here begins the blog I hope will inspire and amuse.


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