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Perfect Chaos was founded in 2015 by Lucia Sharrad, a passionate organiser who loves to help others to get organised

and enjoy a busy life.


Perfect Chaos is a Canberra-based business helping clients to declutter and reorganise as well as develop systems, processes

and routines to manage disorder and confusion. Perfect Chaos can help you save time and money through better organisation.

Lucia Sharrad

Founder of Perfect Chaos

IAP Certificate in Time Management Coaching

ICD Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization

I love to organise and have been rearranging, sorting and creating order since I was a child. My two general rules of thumb are: "one thing in, one thing out" and "a place for everything and everything in it's place". Some people have labelled me a perfectionist or perhaps even OCD but that's not what I'm after and not what I expect of others. I just like neatness and order so I can look at my home and feel proud. Living in a calm and relaxing space ensures others feel comfortable in my home, especially my friends and family! 


I have a passion for research and solving problems and I love to help others. I have a career spanning aged and disability care, childcare, the Australian Public Service, and small business.


I live with my husband and three children - two very busy sons and a daughter who like to challenge against my structure and organisation but fill my life with wonderful spontaneity and love. I believe routine and structure allows us to balance the household management with the fun things. As my children grow older they are getting busier. By managing the routines at home I have time to foster their interests and mine!


I know very well the challenges of balancing work, family, chores, errands and hobbies and I hope I can help you get your balance right, too.

When you work with me you are hiring a skilled consultant with access to professional education and experience with the best practice organising skills, strategies, and products.


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