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Time is a finite resource. If you:

  • struggle to balance work and life 

  • feel overwhelmed or stressed

  • spend too much time at work

  • want more time for fun, family and friends 

  • need help focusing on your goals and priorities

  • want to improve your efficiency and productivity

  • feel guilty about the things you don't get done

  • keep missing or running late for appointments and commitments

  • feel like you are wasting time and energy.

Your time is precious. As a time management coach and productivity specialist I will help you reclaim your time and refocus your energy on what matters most to you. 


I have qualifications and skills specific to improving time management and productivity including certificates in study through the Institute of Challenging Disorganization.


I have an understanding of chronic conditions and mental illness (PTSD, PND) and brain based challenges (ADD/ADHD)

that may contribute to disorganisation and productivity issues. With this knowledge I can provide personalised advice.

I offer one-on-one coaching both in-person and virtual sessions.

Time management coaching will help you:

  • define your goals and priorities

  • examine your time and commitments

  • maximise positive outcomes and results. 

Pink Watch
Time management & productivity coaching


Reclaim your time and start turning your plans into results with the help of a patient, non judgmental and caring coach. 

Coaching packages include:

  • an initial consultation

  • weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions

  • regular check-ins

  • ongoing support and advice

  • in person and/or virtual sessions.


Packages start at $265 and can be tailored to suit budget and needs.


Contact me today because your time matters!

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