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I offer decluttering and organising coaching through my virtual organising sessions so I can eliminate the barriers of time and distance and still help individuals discover the satisfaction of an orderly home and life.

I offer various virtual packages ranging from one-off projects to subscriptions. 

If you don't see something that suits you feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and budget. 

Virtual organising subscriptions


If you are self-motivated and have a vision but you want regular access to professional advice and non-judgemental support the Perfect Chaos virtual organising subscription is for you.

The 3 month, 6 month and 12 month organising subscriptions include a once a month 30 minute voice or video check in and unlimited email support. 

3 month subscription


6 month subscription


12 month subscription


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Virtual organising projects


If you are have a specific organising project in mind but you need access to professional advice and a non-judgemental accountability partner a Perfect Chaos virtual organising project plan is for you. 


One space/one month subscription


This is designed for focusing on completing one space in a one month block and learning valuable organising and maintenance skills. Following an initial assessment and action plan you will receive 3 weekly 30 minute phone or video calls and unlimited email support to complete your project.


At your own pace virtual organising


This is designed to let you work at your own pace (up to a 12 week maximum so you don't lose momentum). You will receive 5 weekly or fortnightly 30 minute phone or video sessions and unlimited email support.

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