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I wrote a book...


I've always wanted to write a book. 


In March 2020 I really got my chance. In the face of COVID-19 (the Coronoavirus pandemic) I found myself in self isolation and homeschooling my children as we practiced social distancing. I realised this was the perfect opportunity to write a book for children and I found myself dreaming about the rhymes. 

The book is designed to help children to understand the Coronavirus and the importance of social distancing. It also aims to teach some resilience strategies and help children feel less scared and anxious. 

You can get a free copy of the ebook here.

Please note: you will be directed to the Blurb website to download the book so that I can collect and analyse the download numbers. 

You can also purchase a copy of the softcover book if you prefer something tactile to read with your children.

Please note: the book is printed in the UK so will incur a shipping fee and may be subject to foreign exchange and/or foreign transaction fees. 

I would love to receive your comments and feedback so please feel free to email me on

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