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I offer decluttering and organising services for all parts of your home. Following an initial in-home consultation I will advise the best package for your needs. I do offer a number of ready-made packages available as gifts or to help you get started and discover the satisfaction of an orderly home and life.

Wardrobe Makeover


If you have a disorganised and overstuffed wardrobe requiring some tender loving care I can help you get order with my Wardrobe Makeover. In half a day we will whip your wardrobe into shape by deciding what stays and what goes, reorganising to best suit the space and creating a system so you know what you own and where to find it.


Package starts at $350 including the initial in-home consultation.


This would make a great housewarming, engagement or wedding present for a couple moving in together. Couples often struggle with space when merging two wardrobes.

Kitchen Makeover and Meal Planning session


The kitchen is one of the most-used areas of the home and for most families is the central hub of the home. My Kitchen Makeover package will get everything in order so meal preparation works as efficiently as possible. 


Package starts at $350 for 4 hours of organisation and an initial in-home consultation.


When booking this package you can select the optional meal planning session where I help you plan meals and shopping lists - saving you time and money.

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