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School uniforms and supplies

Purchasing school uniforms and stationery supplies can be overwhelming and expensive but I have a few tips to help you get organised early and stick to your budget.

  • Check school uniforms for wear and tear and make a note of things that need to be replaced. When you do go out to the shops it 's always more efficient to make one trip than spending days all over the place and still forgetting something.

  • Keep an eye on uniform sales. Many stores offer discounts on basics like plain coloured shorts, pants, skirts and t-shirts. Be aware of your school uniform requirements and stick to the minimum if you have a budget. For example, my kids only need to wear the school t-shirt in preschool and then the school t-shirt and any royal blue bottoms for all other years.

  • Consider getting the next size up so the school uniform can last longer.

  • If your school provides a list for stationery items take the time to do some research. It's easy to search online and you might be surprised at the discounts you'll find.

  • If you have more than one child, buying in bulk may be an option as the stationery supplies are unlikely to change too much.

  • You might also consider combining with other parents to get bulk buy discounts.

  • Search your house for stationery's easy to collect pens, pencils, textas etc.

  • If you do have to hit the shops try and leave the kids at home or with someone. Shopping will be far less chaotic (and traumatic) for everyone!

  • Buy only what you need and don't be tempted by all the colours, shiny new stationery and discount signs. If the school hasn't provided a list, take your own...and stick to it.

  • For children starting high school it may be nice to select a student diary from Officeworks or even something from Kikki-k or Smiggle. A diary is a great way to manage assignments and homework but new students may need a little guidance on how to use it.

  • If you have not received a copy of the stationery list (but know you should get one) or have misplaced it, you might find Officeworks has a copy.

  • When you get home with your supplies be sure to bundle everything straight away so you can check you have everything and the bundles are all set to go to school. I suggest using a cloth shopping bag (if you're home is anything like mine there is an abundance of those shopping bags) and ticking things off as you go.

Above all, I suggest getting these things organised as soon as possible - you don't want to be caught with the leftovers or end up paying inflated prices in the week before school starts.


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