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Perfect Chaos review of the Sash & Belle Charlie Nappy Bag

Kristy from Sash & Belle has been kind enough to allow me to try her Charlie Nappy Bag and I'm very impressed.

I love a nappy bag in a neutral tone and the Charlie nappy bag in taupe is simply delicious. For the fashion conscious bag owner this is the colour to go with everything and it has simple and elegant gold hardware. The biggest surprise about this bag was the stunning vibrant purple lining – it's a beautiful feature. (I'll give you a sneak peak in one of my photos below.)

Front view of the Sash & Belle Charlie nappy bag in Taupe

The bag comes with two handles and a removable shoulder strap which can also be used to attach the bag to a pram or stroller. This versatility is so important for a nappy bag. The Charlie nappy bag is not only a great nappy bag but would also work as a handbag, work tote or overnight bag when no longer needed as a nappy bag.

The bag's wide base stays upright even when full. The purse feet are great when putting the bag directly on the ground as they offer a layer of protection against direct contact with the dirty ground. Just a couple of features that make it functional and durable.

The Charlie nappy bag has two pockets on the outside both secured by magnetic clips. I used the front pocket for my purse, keys and phone and the back pocket for my Squeakie 100% natural hand sanitiser. I love to have these items handy and the external pockets make it easy to grab in a hurry and from all angles.

Rear view of the Sash & Belle Charlie Nappy Bag in Taupe with Squeakie 100% Natural Hand Sanitiser shown in rear pocket.

The main compartment is secured by a full zip which is one of the features I like best in a nappy bag. I often stuff a lot into my bags so I want to be sure it is secure. The Charlie nappy bag is roomy and I was able to fit everything I need without using the internal zipper pockets. I carry a lot in my nappy bag including: nappy changing wallet; snacks and water bottles; spare change of baby clothes; toys; and my usual handbag items. The Charlie nappy bag has so much space for all of this and even more.

View of bright purple lining inside of a packed Sash & Belle Charlie nappy bag in taupe

The thermal insulated bottle holder was a perfect fit for my water bottle. I've experienced leaking water bottles before so I'm hyper vigilant about keeping them upright. It might also keep it cooler in the warmer months but I wasn't able to test that as it is the middle of winter in Canberra.

My favourite feature of the bag is the stunning purple lining. It means I can find things inside the bag as it doesn't become a dark hole and it's completely waterproof, too.

All in all, I recommend the Sash & Belle Charlie nappy bag. It also comes in black if that's your preference. There is plenty of space and secure pockets for smaller or more important items. The bag is at a very affordable price point for it's versatility and style. Visit for more information or to purchase the Charlie Nappy Bag.

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