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Start with a drawer...

and work your way towards a streamlined kitchen.

Organising a large space can be daunting and an important space like the kitchen will take time and careful thought. Start the organising journey with the junk drawer – that overstuffed drawer filled with miscellaneous and mismatched items.

The process

  • Empty the drawer contents onto the bench.

  • Find duplicate items and place them to one side. (You can sell or donate these items!)

  • Find broken items and place them to one side. (If they cannot be repaired or repurposed place them in the bin!)

  • Find items you don't use or don't know how to use and place them to one side. (If you don't plan to use them you can sell or donate them!)

What's next?

  • Are there items of the same type? Group these items, preferably using a drawer divider or drawer insert to keep them neatly together. You don't have to get fancy. You can repurpose little boxes, make dividers using cardboard or purchase inserts from stores such as Kmart and BigW.

  • Are there items that belong somewhere else? Put them away!

  • Are there items you no longer need or want? Sell or donate them!

The cutlery is neatly organised using a drawer divider with all different utensils neatly separated.
A drawer divider is used to seperate the utensils and everything is neatly stored including tongs, measuring cups, measuring spoons and whisks.
A drawer divider is used to separate the utensils and neatly store the medicine measuring devices, knife sharpener, rolling pin, spatulas and salad servers.

The principles outlined above can apply to any space that requires decluttering, rearranging and organising. Note: In the pantry and fridge you will also need to consider out of date and expired items when sorting and discarding.

Once you have sorted into like groups you can go crazy with labels. They don't need to be fancy but a quick google search for pantry labels will take you to some local Australian businesses that offer beautiful label options in all styles, shapes and colours. I always use labels in the pantry because I find it impossible to tell the difference between the flour and the self-raising flour without them!

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