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Squeakie 100% Natural Hand Sanitiser - Perfect Chaos Review

I recently came across the Australian owned business, Squeakie, that makes and sells 100% natural hand sanitiser and I jumped right onboard to become a stockist. Here's why...

Before conceiving my first child (he's turning 7 this month) I did a lot of research on fertility and chemicals in our toileteries, food and cleaning supplies. For many years I'd already been using chemical-free cleaning supplies to avoid the harsh bleach smell and to be kinder to the environment but all the while I was still using shampoos, moisturisers and hand wash filled with nasties. I educated myself on the chemicals used in these products and why they were harmful. I started reading labels more carefully so I could make an informed decision on what I was using. I very quickly changed many of my toiletry products and started eating more organically sourced foods. I continue to do this now and am teaching my children.

Since having children I've also formed an attachment to hand sanitiser. I always carry it with me and have it dotted around the house for that quick hand clean after nappy changes, nose wipes, picking up dirty food from the floor and most importantly cleaning hands before we eat, especially if we are out and about. Despite looking at labels I never thought about the contents of hand sanitiser as I was more concerned with actually killing the germs. My eyes have been opened.

What nasties will you find in a normal bottle of hand sanitiser?

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol (the ones that make your fingers taste bitter) are the only hand sanitisers recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) but often contain petroluem derived and synthetic chemicals. These ingredients not only dry out hands but may include chemicals suspected of hormone disruption or containing carcinogenic contaminants.

Alcohol-free hand sanitisers often leave unpleasant residue on the skin and may contribute to bacterial resistance and are not recommended by the WHO and CDC.

Hand sanitisers that claim to be natural may contain a token natural ingredient in a formula of mainly synthetic or chemical components. There may also be a fragrance or colour to imitate a more natural formula. Fragrance and perfumes are often associated with medical conditions such as asthma and eczema.

So what is different about Squeakie?

Squeakie's active antibacterial agent is pure milk whey alcohol (62%) to remove 99.99% of germs in accordance with the World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control guidelines.

Squeakie hand sanitiser is 100% natural and substainable. The ingredients are all sourced from nature and although simple they pack a powerful punch. The liquid is amazingly gentle on my super dry and cracked hands with the unique combination of naturally derived alcohol and all natural moisturisers including rosehip oil, bladderwrack extract, aloe vera and vegetable glycerin,with a hint of palmarosa and lime oil. It smells divine and has zero nasties. Using Squeakie hand sanitiser makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself, my children and the environment. The packaging is 100% recyclabe and bpa free and the hand sanitiser is cruelty free.

Squeakie 100% natural hand sanitiser is at the luxury end of hand sanitisers but a little goes a long way and sometimes we need to spoil ourselves. Buying chemical-free is often more expensive but I know I'm providing my children with the best opportunities to avoid some of the nasties in our lives.

If you'd like to buy and try Squeakie 100% natural hand sanitiser I have a limited supply. For Mother's Day 2017 you can purchase two bottles for $23 or three bottles for $30. TREAT YOURSELF AND GIVE SOME TO MUM (Free local pickup or Canberra region delivery is $2; postage for interstate and international customers will be calculated at time of order). To order email Mother's Day offer expires Sunday 14 May 2017.

I know you will love Squeakie 100% natural hand sanitiser as much as me.

This review is personal and is not sponsored or endorsed by Squeakie – I just love the product and want to share it with you.

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