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10 tips to keep a neat wardrobe

Creating a beautiful, organised wardrobe can be easy if you follow my tips.

Tip #1

Using the same style and colour of coat hangar will create consistency and help with the visual appeal of the hanging space. I love felt coat hangars for their slim profile. They fit my jackets perfectly and even hold up a spaghetti strap.

Tip #2

Hanging things in groups will help when choosing clothing. Try hanging short sleeves, then long sleeves, then jackets. Also try to hang like colours together in each group - to create visual appeal.

Tip #3

Most wardrobes have shelving installed up high. Use this space to store your off-season clothing or items used less frequently. If the space is open be sure to fold things neatly or store in boxes.

Tip #4

Storing shoes can be problematic. If you have the space, shoe shelves are convenient and look great. Storing each pair with one toe pointing out and one toe pointing in will create more space and immediately show you what you have. They will need dusting occasionally but you might find you wear more of your shoes (and buy less new ones) because you can see what you have at a glance.

Shoes can also be stored in clear plastic shoe boxes for space-saving whilst still allowing easy access (from the front) and visibility.

Tip #5

Storing shoes by style and by colour will help with visual appeal and access. Shoes used most frequently should be on the middle shelves. Shoes used less frequently can be stored towards the bottom and top shelves. I keep my work shoes at stomach and shoulder height and order them by heel height.

Tip #6

'Containerise' wherever you can to keep items together. Repurpose gift boxes and their lids to store belts and other accessories. I love the touch of pink from this gift box and I've used a slim black box without the lid to keep perfume bottles close at hand.

Tip #7

If you can afford the space it's lovely to have a shelf for jewellery and perfumes. You may be more likely to apply both if they are with your shoes and clothing. Try to keep it free of clutter (and dust).

Tip #8

With spare wall space you can hang a cork board or similar to display your jewellery. Having it visible will encourage more wear.

Tip #9

Install a full length mirror. In a walk-in wardrobe it can make the room feel bigger and will help spread the light in what can be a dark space.

Tip #10

Add something beautiful to your space - for Christmas I received two Swarovski Christmas ornaments and an ornament stand. When I packed away the ornaments I repurposed the stand for my beautiful Swarovksi jewellery.


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