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Planning for the new school year

My sons will both be at school this year with my eldest moving into Kindergarten and my youngest attending preschool 5 days a fortnight. I've spent a little bit of time planning for the new school year. Some of my thoughts and suggestions are outlined below...perhaps they will help you feel organised, too.

School supplies

If you didn't get a chance at the end of term, be sure to completely unpack school bags and give them a good clean (they may be machine washable - check the washing instructions).

Check school uniforms for wear and tear. If something does need to be replaced or repaired make a note or better still, do it now.

Prepare a shopping list - perhaps the school bag is on it's last legs or those school shoes are too small. Having a list will help you stick to a plan and a budget.

School lunches

If your child is just starting school consider talking to them about school lunches and preferred snack choices. Tasting different sandwich fillings might help a pickier child. Consider whether your child is able to eat their fruit whole or will need it to be cut into pieces. Cutting fruit will require additional preparation which will need to be factored into the family routine.


If your child is moving into senior primary school or high school you may need to set up a homework space. Will your child do homework in the bedroom or in the kitchen/dining/living space? Will your child need supervision or assistance? Will your child need access to a computer or the internet? Consider having a space in the open living space where computer-time and homework can be supervised. Get your child involved in setting up the homework space so it feels more personal. Try printing an inspiring motto or slogan or putting up posters for older children.


The weeks before school starts are a great time to declutter the home - get the kids involved wherever possible and tackle one space at a time. Donate or discard unwanted items and make sure everything you keep has an allocated home. Try using labels to make sure things are returned to the right place after use.

A little bit of planning can help everyone feel more relaxed. If your child is starting school for the first time, remember to celebrate this wonderful milestone!


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